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Features of a good oil.

Oils and fats are recognized as essential nutrients in human and animal diets. They provide the most concentrated source of energy in any food, provide essential fatty acids (a precursor to the important hormone prostaglandins), contribute significantly to a feeling of satiety after a meal, and fat. I am rich in soluble vitamins. Offer to make food, and. More delicious.

Fats and oils are present in different amounts in many foods. There are many sources of fat in the diet.


   *Dairy products,




And vegetable oils and fats.

The difference between fat and oil is purely comfortable, depending on the environment in which the substance is stored. If the substance is solid at normal temperature then it is called fat. If liquid, an oil. This is just a difference of convenience because all the oils freeze at low temperatures and all the fat melts at high temperatures. Buy the best olive oil, in every climate, the difference between industrial and clean use is significant.  It is also important in nutrition, as fat is less digestible than oil.

Lubricate better

The first and foremost function of motor oil is to lubricate the moving parts, the engine components which are exposed to extreme temperatures and gradually fade away. However, good engine oil and timely changes help to lubricate the parts and keep the engine running smoothly and calmly.

Good engine oil properties

   Good engine oil should have 3 basic features

If you are looking for the best engine oil in the world, you should know the features that it should have.  Each engine oil requires certain characteristics that determine its durability and performance.  The key features of the world’s best engine oil are high viscosity index, thermal stability and oxidation stability.

High viscosity index

Viscosity E is primarily fluid resistance to flow. To know the quality of lubricant it is important to note that its viscosity at different temperatures is more than viscosity index E for this purpose.  Introduced in 1929 by Dean and G. Davis.  The High Viscosity Index is considered to be the best standard that should be in the best engine oil in the world. Fortunately Atlantic Lube provides you with lubricants that have a high lubrication rate which makes their lubricants the best in the world.

Oxidation stability

Another important feature of good engine oil is its oxidation stability.  By oxidation it refers to the chemical reaction between lubricating oil and oxygen.  High oxidation rate shortens the life of engine oil or lubricant. Not only this, it also produces high viscosity in the oil which results in sludge. For your engine to work properly, you should choose an engine oil that does not mix with oxygen.


Oils are usually flammable and surface active. Most oils are unsaturated lipids that are liquid at room temperature. The general definition of oil includes any class of chemical compounds that may otherwise be unrelated in structure, properties and use.