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3 Things To Do As You Start Coming To The End Of Your Working Years

If you’re about to retire soon, there are a few things that you may want to do while you’re still working to help you get ready for the time that you’ll spend in retirement. Because you may not have many years between retiring and when you’d need to consider moving into an assisted living facility, it’s vital that you prepare for retirement correctly and plan for the years that you’ll have to enjoy your retirement.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three things to do as you start coming to the end of your working years. 

Start Balancing Your Income

There are all kinds of financial strategies that you can and should start employing when you’re getting close to retirement. One of these strategies includes paying off as much of your debt as possible so that you go into retirement with as little amount of debt as you can. Another strategy is to invest as much money as you can into your retirement accounts so that you have as much money as you can to live off of once you retire. The trick here is knowing how to balance this as you near retirement. 

To do this, consider how much debt you have with how close you are to your ultimate retirement savings goals. Your answer might have you wanting to pay off more debt or put more money into your retirement accounts. 

Determine Why You’re Retiring

For some people, retirement might seem like something that can’t come soon enough. But for others, retirement might feel like something that they’re supposed to do but that they don’t necessarily want to be doing.

Depending on how you feel about retirement now, you may want to spend some time thinking about why you’re retiring. In some cases, you might want to think about getting a part-time job after you retire to either continue earning some money, keep your mind sharp, give you something to do, or for another purpose. 

Think About How You’ll Spend Your Remaining Time

Once you do decide to retire, the stark difference between your working years and your retirement years can be hard to reconcile. To help with this transition, you should spend some time now thinking about how you want to spend all of your free time in retirement. 

If you’ve been wanting to develop a certain hobby for years, do some research into how to get started and start setting things in place to begin once you retire. This can help you have something to look forward to and put your energy toward once you stop working. 

If you’re planning to retire in a year or two, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you get yourself financially and emotionally prepared. 

4 Tips For Advancing in Your Career

Everybody wants to be able to settle down and retire in comfort one day. After all, there’s nothing better to look forward to than enjoying the golden years of your life comfortably. 

However, the harsh reality is that you have to work hard today if you want to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor later.  As such, advancing in your career is essential. 

By putting in the right amount of effort, and constantly assessing your goals, you should grow in your career in no time.   If you’re ready to advance in your corporation, then look no further than these tips to do just that.

Be Confident

The most successful people are the ones that truly believe in themselves. They go after what they want, and they have a laser leg focus. They keep their eye on the goal and they refuse to let anything stand in their way when aiming for their goals.

The most successful people in life stick up for what they believe in, and aren’t afraid to believe in what they stand for. The more confident that you are, the more you exude that same energy onto other people and the more they’ll believe in your power as much as you do.

Never Take No For An Answer  

It’s important that you negotiate your terms, and never take no for an answer.  That means that when someone tells you can’t do something, you refuse to give up without accepting defeat.  This also includes your salary. 

It’s important that you’re confident enough to ask for the pay that you believe you deserve and be fearless when asking for it.

Interestingly enough, one of the most common reasons why men often get more raises than women is that they simply ask for it!

Prioritize Productivity

The most successful employees are the ones that achieve the most amount of results in the shortest amount of time.  By prioritizing productivity, you will show your superiors that you’re worthy of advancing in your career. When you’re producing top results compared to your colleagues, then you’ll be first in line for a promotion or raise. Always keep your eye on how you can get things done better and faster.

Work Well With Others

One of the most important aspects of advancing in your career is showing other people how well you work with others. When you work as a team player, then it demonstrates that you have the personality traits that it takes to be a leader. Avoid conflict at work, keep your head high, and stay focused on your work.  

By following these tips and being great at what you do, there’s nowhere to go but up in your career!

Kevin Mulleady on Why Tech Startups Fail So Often? (& How to Prevent It)

Kevin Mulleady Weighs In On the Tech Startup Failure Rate

In 2018, the tech startup failure rate was 63%. For such a promising place to be, it’s led to a lot of disappointment for many people. Kevin Mulleady, founder or co-founder of multiple successful companies, weighs in on what’s happening within the companies that fail and provides tips about preventing collapse.

The Mindset

Kevin Mulleady specializes in biotech, finance, and investment. He points out that part of the problem is that there’s a push for people to be their bosses today. It seems that everyone, everywhere, wants to abandon their 9 – 5 so they can take charge of their lives and their careers.

Mulleady says that, while this is an admirable goal, the long-term aspirations often don’t recognize what it takes to build a business from scratch. To be fair, this is true for every industry, but it can be especially challenging to get started in technology today. Because there are so many players who have come to dominate the industry, trying to squeeze into such a cluttered landscape has proved to be nearly impossible for many.

What people tend to remember when they forge their own path are the success stories. There are plenty of people who, despite the odds, stumble onto immense profits almost right at the get-go. They end up ignoring the failure rate entirely or telling themselves that those who failed are nothing like them. The confidence can lead to overspending at the beginning, which can land a company in hot water faster than they thought possible.

The Wrong Market

The virtual world opens up doors to billions of people. This is theoretically a huge opportunity, but in practice, it can lead tech companies to choose the wrong target market. If they can’t narrow down who their audience is and give definitive reasons why they should be interested in the product or program, a tech company might waste a lot of time continuing to hammer home a message that ultimately isn’t connecting.

Kevin Mulleady says that he understands how intuitive it can be to think broadly. After all, if you can appeal to a wide swath of people, it will lead to that much more traction. He says that in some cases, though, you’re better off being more niche — at least at first.

Not an Expert

People without a lot of experience in technology can counterintuitively make their fortunes in technology. Much like the entrepreneurs who land success almost inadvertently, it’s possible to strike gold regardless of your expertise or specialty.

However, in the tech field, it’s more likely that you’ll be swallowed up by the bigger fish who began with the right skills and the right team. Kevin Mulleady says that there’s a lot to be said for hiring experts if you’re not an expert. However, if you don’t know the field at all, you’ll have a hard time spotting someone who does. Resumes and references don’t always tell you the real story of what it’s like to work with someone or how innovative they are when it comes to solving problems. If you’re starting without a lot of capital, it will be that much more difficult to get people on board. Tech professionals are in-demand, and their average salaries reflect it.

Kevin Mulleady on Preventing the Cycle

Mulleady has been an investor for much of his career, and it’s his job to assess the real value of a product or service. He has to look past the numbers to what someone really has to offer. After so much back and forth, he stresses the importance of researching who you want to market to and using resources carefully. Above all else, he thinks that all entrepreneurs should set measurable, attainable goals along their journey. If there’s no way to track progress, then it will be easy to unexpectedly hit failure without even realizing it.

Features of a good oil.

Oils and fats are recognized as essential nutrients in human and animal diets. They provide the most concentrated source of energy in any food, provide essential fatty acids (a precursor to the important hormone prostaglandins), contribute significantly to a feeling of satiety after a meal, and fat. I am rich in soluble vitamins. Offer to make food, and. More delicious.

Fats and oils are present in different amounts in many foods. There are many sources of fat in the diet.


   *Dairy products,




And vegetable oils and fats.

The difference between fat and oil is purely comfortable, depending on the environment in which the substance is stored. If the substance is solid at normal temperature then it is called fat. If liquid, an oil. This is just a difference of convenience because all the oils freeze at low temperatures and all the fat melts at high temperatures. Buy the best olive oil, in every climate, the difference between industrial and clean use is significant.  It is also important in nutrition, as fat is less digestible than oil.

Lubricate better

The first and foremost function of motor oil is to lubricate the moving parts, the engine components which are exposed to extreme temperatures and gradually fade away. However, good engine oil and timely changes help to lubricate the parts and keep the engine running smoothly and calmly.

Good engine oil properties

   Good engine oil should have 3 basic features

If you are looking for the best engine oil in the world, you should know the features that it should have.  Each engine oil requires certain characteristics that determine its durability and performance.  The key features of the world’s best engine oil are high viscosity index, thermal stability and oxidation stability.

High viscosity index

Viscosity E is primarily fluid resistance to flow. To know the quality of lubricant it is important to note that its viscosity at different temperatures is more than viscosity index E for this purpose.  Introduced in 1929 by Dean and G. Davis.  The High Viscosity Index is considered to be the best standard that should be in the best engine oil in the world. Fortunately Atlantic Lube provides you with lubricants that have a high lubrication rate which makes their lubricants the best in the world.

Oxidation stability

Another important feature of good engine oil is its oxidation stability.  By oxidation it refers to the chemical reaction between lubricating oil and oxygen.  High oxidation rate shortens the life of engine oil or lubricant. Not only this, it also produces high viscosity in the oil which results in sludge. For your engine to work properly, you should choose an engine oil that does not mix with oxygen.


Oils are usually flammable and surface active. Most oils are unsaturated lipids that are liquid at room temperature. The general definition of oil includes any class of chemical compounds that may otherwise be unrelated in structure, properties and use.

3 Tips For Hiring People To Work At Your Business

As a business owner, you probably feel in some ways like your business is your baby that you have nourished from the ground up, and to see it fail would break your heart. Every person who works for you should understand your values and goals, and be a small extension of you for the times you can’t be there to run every aspect of the business yourself.

As your business grows, you will eventually need to hire more and more people in all different areas. If you’ve ever had any employee not work out, you know just how disappointing that can be and it may make you wary of hiring people in the future. However, there are definitely things you can do to make sure you hire the best possible people who will treat your business as if it were their own. Here are 3 helpful hiring tips for business owners.

Consider Their Age

In no way should you ever be ageist in your hiring process, but you should always consider a person’s age and where they’re at in life when deciding whether or not they will be a good fit for your business. For example, someone may mention at an interview that they are close to reaching retirement, or it may say on their resume that they have recently come back out of retirement to re-enter the workforce. This is perfectly fine, but if you are specifically looking for someone who can work for you long term, this may not be the best candidate.

Give People A Chance

While it can be scary to give candidates with less experience a chance, in many cases when you take a chance on someone they can end up being your best hire ever. If someone has the right core values and you just click with them during the interview process, consider giving them a chance to see if they have what it takes to help run your business.

Go With Your Gut

This one is a good tip in all areas of life and work, not just during the hiring process. If you have a good feeling about someone, listen to it. But if you have a bad feeling about someone, you should listen to that too. Most of the time your intuition will not lead you astray, so go with your gut feeling about people when you are deciding who to hire. 

The hiring process can be tough, both for the business owner and the potential candidates. Hopefully these tips will help make it easier for you to find excellent employees that you will enjoy working with for years to come. 

Pros and cons of Moneylender

If you need extra cash to pay for home improvements, finance a wedding, or consolidate high-interest debt, you might want to consider a money lenders. Used wisely, an unsecured personal loan can fill a void in your budget without risking your home or other assets.

As with other loans, rates for personal loans hinge on your credit score, income, and debt-to-income ratio, and they’re not the right choice for everyone. Consider these pros and cons of a Moneylender before you make a decision.

Pros of money lenders

Flexibility and versatility

Some types of loans can only be used for a certain purpose. For example, if you take out a car loan, the only way to use the funds is to purchase a vehicle. Personal loans can be used for many purposes, from consolidating debt to paying off medical bills. For more information, you can contact good at money lending in orchard , Lucky plaza.

Lower interest rates and higher borrowing limits

Personal loans often come with lower interest rates than credit cards. As of September 2021, the average personal loan rate was 10.46 percent, while the average credit card rate was 16.27 percent. Consumers with excellent credit history can qualify for personal loan rates in the range of 6 percent to 8 percent. You may also qualify for a higher loan amount than the limit on your credit cards.

No collateral requirement

Unsecured personal loans don’t require collateral for you to get approved. This means you don’t have to put your car, home, or other assets up as a guarantee that you’ll repay the funds. If you’re unable to repay the loan based on the agreed-upon terms with your lender, you’ll face significant financial consequences. However, you don’t have to worry about losing a home or a car as a direct result.

Easier to manage

One reason some people take out personal loans is to consolidate debt, such as multiple credit card accounts. A personal loan with a single, fixed-rate monthly payment is easier to manage than several credit cards with different interest rates, payment due dates, and other variables.

Cons of Moneylender

Interest rates can be higher than alternatives

Interest rates for personal loans are not always the lowest option. This is especially true for borrowers with poor credit, who might pay higher interest rates than with credit cards.

Fees and penalties can be high

Personal loans may come with fees and penalties that can drive up the cost of borrowing. Some loans come with origination fees of 1 percent to 6 percent of the loan amount. The fees, which cover loan processing, can either be rolled into the loan or subtracted from the amount disbursed to the borrower.

Higher payments than credit cards

Credit cards come with small minimum monthly payments and no deadline for paying your balance off in full. Personal loans require a higher fixed monthly payment and have to be paid off by the end of the loan term.

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Nils Larsen Manager Explains How to Set Investment Goals

Friday, January 28, 2022, 1:22 PM

Nils Larsen manager of financial portfolios explains how to set investment goals. 

LOS ANGELES, CA / JAN. 28, 2022 / Setting investment goals is an essential part of the investment process, according to Nils Larsen manager of financial portfolios.

“We develop financial goals very early in our lives, and those goals transform as we age,” Nils Larsen said. “The goal to purchase a car may transform into the goal to purchase a house, and eventually a goal to retire comfortably. Investment goals set the foundation for all of your investment decisions.”

Defining Investment Goals

The first step in setting obtainable investment goals is to define what those goals are.

The following are a few examples of common investment goals:

  • Planning for a family
  • Saving for education
  • Creating an emergency fund
  • Planning for major life vents (a major vacation, wedding, etc.)
  • Planning for retirement

Retirement is one of the most common investment goals. Investors to create a comfortable retirement fund are encouraged to start investing as much money as possible as early as possible. 

The SMART Qualities Test

Experts like Nils Larsen manager suggest passing financial goals through the “SMART” qualities test before setting them in stone.

  • Specific: Investors need to focus on one or a few clear goals instead of a large, general goal.
  • Measurable: Progress in reaching the goal is easily traced and recorded.
  • Achievable: The goal should be within reach. 
  • Realistic: An investment goal should be achievable given the individual’s current financial situation.
  • Time-based: Every investment goal should include a timeline for completion. 

Create a Strategy 

One of the most important aspects of setting investment goals is to create a viable strategy. An experienced financial portfolio manager can help you create a strategy that will help you reach your goals on time. 

Financial experts use several common strategies to help individuals achieve their goals.

Financial Growth

Financial growth is a common investment goal. Individuals with short investment timelines need to use different investment strategies to achieve growth than individuals with longer investment timelines. 

Wealth Preservation

Individuals who have already acquired wealth often want to focus on preserving that wealth for their future or future generations.

Maintaining a Lifestyle or Improving It

Individuals often seek the help of a financial professional to improve or maintain a certain style of living. Some are happy with the material items and assets they have, while others are seeking help to lead a bigger, better, or even more relaxed lifestyle. 

Determine Short and Long-Term Goals

Not all investment goals are treated the same. A financial portfolio manager will help investors determine goals that are possible to achieve in the short term and others that will take longer.

A common short-term goal is to create an emergency savings fund, while a common long-term goal is to save for a child’s college education or personal retirement. 

Nils Larsen Manager of Financial Portfolios

Nils Larsen is a financial portfolio manager with decades of experience in the industry. His expertise in risk tolerance, goal setting, and other aspects of investing has helped countless individuals and families reach their financial goals. 

Entrepreneur Kevin Mulleady What It Means to Lead: The Promise of Evolution

Kevin Mulleady Discusses His Perspective of Leadership

Being a leader has always been a balance between taking the reins and letting other people get their job done. Kevin Mulleady explains more about what that looks like for him in practice and why it’s so important for other leaders to get it right.

Coming from the Top

There’s a quote by investor Ray Dalio that has always stuck with Mulleady: “Understand that you and the people you manage will go through a process of personal evolution.” This process that Dalio refers to encompasses everything from communication to objectives, and it’s one that needs to be watched and nurtured for as long as a leader is at the top.

It’s this approach that will help all directives come through correctly, in ways that don’t make employees feel undervalued or otherwise unappreciated. It also helps employees stay flexible. Without that enforcement, it would be easy to get into a standard routine as a professional. However, the best companies are always adapting to new demands.

At Altru-Sciences, Kevin Mulleady’s new venture, the employees are trying to get effective pharmaceuticals into the hands of patients who need them. With the stakes that high, everyone in an organization has to be able to stay on their toes. If everyone is on board and ready for changes, it makes it far easier to handle the unexpected shifts that all businesses inevitably face.

Giving People Confidence

At the end of the day, few people want to be micromanaged. If they have a system that works for them and they’re getting the job done, they might reasonably prefer to be left alone more often than not. Yet the leaders who are too hands-off will also yield complaints, particularly when employees feel like they don’t understand what they’re attempting to accomplish.

For Kevin Mulleady at Altru-Sciences, there’s a push-pull that comes down to giving people confidence to take care of their to-do list. This starts with giving employees a cause for their work. Luckily, Mulleady’s pharmaceutical focuses on patients with unmet needs, a worthy goal that can help the people under him push through any number of challenges.

From there, he inspires people to believe in their own abilities so they can push themselves to new heights. This isn’t about putting in extra hours, but about using those hours as wisely as possible. He advises other leaders to focus more on the ratio between productivity and stress. If people are working more but they’re producing less, this is a clear red flag. Similarly, signs of burnout — even when accompanied with higher levels of productivity — could be just as devastating to the long-term survival of the company.

What Mulleady wants to see are employees who feel empowered to make their own decisions, but not because there’s no oversight from the people above them. This is a collaborative strategy that can result in some of the best initiatives a company ever has.

The Beginning of Altru-Sciences: Learning from Following

Kevin Mulleady may be the founder and cofounder of several companies but that doesn’t mean he never had to work for someone else. Learning the art of following is where all real leaders begin. Sometimes, you can learn more from other people’s leadership than you can from personal experiences. When you follow someone, you’re in a unique position to watch what another person does in ambiguous situations.

This isn’t about judging someone else’s actions, but merely about understanding what drives different decisions and why. There are exceptional leaders out there who understand the impact of how they treat their team. There are also ineffective leaders who would prefer to turn a blind eye to their style and blame their employees for each and every failure.

Most fall somewhere in between, and it’s the follower’s job to decide where they fall and why they would do things differently if they were in the same position. Altru-Sciences started with the lessons that Mulleady learned, and enjoyed its success due to the careful balance of leadership instilled in the company.

Pros and cons of taking money credit

Personal loans might be a good alternative if you need cash for a home improvement project or other large expense and can afford repayment. Not only are most personal loans unsecured (lenders do not require collateral), but many also have attractive interest rates and no fees. Click here to become good at money lending in ang mo kio


  1. Assist Borrowers in Developing Credit

When you take out a personal loan, you must make regular monthly payments against the outstanding sum. Your payment history is normally reported to the three major credit bureaus—Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

  •  Allow Borrowers to Make Payments on Purchases Over Time

Personal loans are given to you in the form of a lump sum that you can use to make a purchase or pay off another obligation. Borrowers can use this to make major purchases and then pay for them over time without having to save money in advance.

  •  Make Debt Consolidation Simple

Debt consolidation loans allow customers to simplify their finances by consolidating multiple loans and credit card balances into a single personal loan. This not only reduces the number of payments you must remember each month but may also result in a cheaper total interest rate if your credit score has improved since you took out your other loans.


Loans can be a terrific method to cover costs, but there are certain dangers and disadvantages to getting a personal loan. Before you borrow, keep in mind that personal loans may:

1. Amass Excessive Interest Charges

Here the candidate securing the most creditworthy personal loan has to qualify for low APRs. Whereas other people has to face the interest rates as high as 36% or more. This rate can even get substantially higher than the different rates present in all other financial schemes.

2. Include Fees and Penalties

Many lenders charge application and origination fees in addition to interest rates to cover the expense of processing. Similarly, a borrower may face penalties if he or she makes a late payment or has insufficient funds to make a payment.

3.Cause Credit Damage

Lenders report late payments and nonpayment to credit bureaus in the same way that they report positive payment history. As a result, borrowers who fail to make on-time payments—or who default on the loan entirely.

Therefore these are the pros and cons that one must keep in mind before applying for a credit loan in order to be aware of all the necessary benefits.

Tips For A Successful Business Website

Striving for success online starts with a capable website.  You need your website to establish a digital home base for your business, and a well-designed site will help your operation connect with customers online.  

If you’re doing the design work in-house, it’s wise to research the elements that make the most pivotal impact on the success of your website.  Start learning now, and read through a brief compilation of tips for a successful business website design.  

Simple navigation is crucial

If you want a business website that is appealing to users, then you have to make it easy to use.  People won’t spend their time trying to figure out how to work your site.  Design for ease of use, and start with simple navigation. 

A standard stationary navigation bar along the top of your pages will feel familiar enough to users.  This home improvement site with design ideas presents a perfect example of stationary navigation at work.  

Design for mobile access 

If you’re designing for success, then you need to know that mobile users dominate the traffic online.  Mobile is the most used method of accessing the internet today, and your site design will be well served to reflect the trend with mobile optimization. 

Mobile optimization starts with speedy loading.  A laggy website won’t really work well on a mobile phone.  Keep your content light and fast, and you’ll do better with mobile users.  

Add social media

Weave elements of social media throughout your business website design as well.  Social media is a wonderful outlet for visibility online.  Using your website as a simple sharing portal for users can help your business gain exposure with the right audiences.  

Social media sharing icons are a valuable addition to your design.  Add the sharing icons to your blog posts, your home page, and even your contact page to encourage passing users to share the information they find with friends and family via their social media profiles.  

Communication is important 

Communication is super important when you’re working to gain visibility online.  When users feel heard, they are more likely to keep corresponding with your business.  Build rapport with online consumers by designing your pages for clear communication.  

A capable contact page will provide several different ways for people to contact your business, but feel free to add other elements throughout the design of your website.  

Invest in proper analytics 

Once you have your pages all put together, it’s important to test them for efficiency.  Invest in proper analytics, so you know your website can deliver on its promise to perform for users.  Google Analytics is a great place to start your journey to true optimization of your website design.